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Richard Shulman Trio - Jazz. Just the ones filmed at The White Horse.

Jill Stein’s Student Interview - 2016 Presidential Candidate Up Close!!

Release to Increase Joy - MM Magazine’s “Promo Video” for author Joy Resor!

The Namaste Center - Click name for a sample. We filmed their earlier services.

Richard Benishai - Comparing the Geobiology Aspects of Places of Cult

Fisichella Law -  A good example of a one minute video.

Scott Grace - A talk as the spiritual Dr. Seuss.

Lady Swift Judgment - Swift Legal Services

Michelle Payton, Ph.D., D.C.H. (Just the home page video)

Crystal Visions - 25th Anniversary Celebration!

A Healthier Home - 5 part series on youtube. Rick Bayless (Mold)

RichHeartMusic - Richard Shulman, Live Music Concert!

Dr. Beth Hampton Jones, D.V.M. Watch Animal Acupuncture!

MCinsights and The REDIRECT YOUR LIFE Experience

Dr. Raja Merk Dove of & Vortex Tours

The New Earth Productions -  The BEBE Theater, dance performance

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hit the little cog wheel and increase the output to 720p or 1080p

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