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A documentary is in the works. “The Vegans of Asheville.”

September 29, 2016: I must apologize for the delay in final editing. I’ve put in many hours but have come to a stall for personal reasons. I do intend to complete the project, but.... as we say, life steps in sometimes. I do not have a definite time frame, but will try to complete the project after the holidays in early 2017.

Such a wealth of information and inspiration lies in the hearts and minds of the Asheville Vegan Community. Whether one chooses to be on a Vegan diet for animal rights, or for their own health, or because they are concerned about the global effects of the meat and dairy industry, they have all made a conscious choice to do what is right. Our film will highlight the average vegan and their passion. Asheville is on top of the curve in the groundswell awakening of the “Plant Based Diet!”


  1. The filming of the “Round Table Discussion” was a complete success!

  2. Many Thanks to Jane Stanchich for helping to organize the discussion group.

  3. We now have footage of a deeply passionate group of professionals, all exchanging thoughts about the importance of adopting a “Plant Based Diet.”

  1. BulletDebi Athos, Co-founder of Organicfest of Asheville.

  2. BulletJohn Sinnot, Vegan website host,

  3. BulletBob Leroy, Nutrition Advisor to North American Vegetarian Society.

  4. BulletJane Quincannon Stanchich, L.N.                             

  5. BulletAmy Lanou, Ph.D, Nutrition Dept. UNCA     

  6. BulletMartha C. Cottrell, M.D.                           

  7. BulletLino Stanchich, L.N.

  8. BulletMarcia Reisman, Vegan Activist

  1. We had an impromptu, after hours discussion following the November 2013 Vegan Potluck. Four average Vegans exchanged extremely compassionate thoughts regarding “Animal Rights.”

  2. The filming at The Goat Mountain Ranch went well. After the rains stopped we ended up filming about 7 enthusiastic testimonials. We’ve since picked up a few more. All great! The passion within each of the committed vegans flows out like a river!

  3. The opening narration has been written and footage of the Asheville community are being gathered for the backdrop of the narration.

This film is an important contribution for many reasons.

  1. Your Health. - Sure influencing others to eat properly for their health is important and without question, you will be healthier by switching to a plant based diet.

  2. The Animals. - But even more important is this question: Who, “on the outside” will stand up for the animals “on the inside?” Will you? Each person who moves to a Vegan diet saves 4000 animals! These sweet, sensitive earthlings have given their trust in us, much like a puppy does, and we have violated that trust. Now they are going through the torture and slaughter system that exists today?

  3. The Environment. - Did you know that it takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to make 1 pound of beef? The continued existence of humanity on this planet is in great jeopardy. The industry of eating flesh including fish is creating more havoc on the environment then all of the cars, trucks, buses, and planes combined.

If you think you cannot change the world, you CAN change your imprint on it and lead by example. It is on all of us to do no harm and walk with a soft footprint during our short stay here.

Thanks for your support!     Roland