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Roland -
Professional Videography

  2. Bullet4 Professional HD Cameras for “Multi-cam” productions.

  3. BulletLavalier (Lapel) Microphones and High Quality Stereo Mic’s., for clear audio.

  4. BulletAudio Mixer for Seminars and Live Music Shoots.

  5. BulletProfessional Lighting and Backdrops.

  6. BulletProfessional editing with attractive graphics and music added.

  7. BulletAssistance in uploading to your youtube page and your website.

  8. BulletExperienced, Creative, Professional Coaching during the shoot.

  9. BulletMarketing and Website advice available.

Video Services - Asheville and Hendersonville NC

as well as the surrounding area.

  1. -Web Videos for Small Businesses!

  2. -Seminars and Special Events.

  3. -Music and Theater Performances.

  4. -Interview formats designed and filmed.

  5. -Weddings and Family Gatherings.

  6. -We’ll come to you and film in your own, comfortable surroundings.

  7. -Also.... We can make your “Dream Documentary.” A movie that matters to you!

  8. -Website Design by Roland.. SAMPLE: The Namaste Center’s website

  1. -Official Videographer for AAWIP, “The Asheville Area Wholistic & Integrative Professionals.”

  2. -Experienced with the Burt Reynolds Film Institute!

“My love and study of the movies of the 1930’s

has greatly influenced my emotional approach to filmmaking.”

  1. Bullet    We have provided quality videos for many in the Asheville “Healing Community.”

  2. Bullet    It’s important to find someone who is easy and fun to work with.

  3. Bullet    We are here to serve your needs.

Did you know?

A video for your website can give you a 60-80% return on your investment.

Our crew filmed Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein.

We Offer....

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